life-saving tru…


life-saving truths from Linda Ramsey of Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts:

1. any choice you make to survive is the right choice
2. It’s better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it
3. Fight with confidence and conviction and do whatever it takes to survive
4. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6

passed on to me from a friend who heard this at a National Women’s Martial Arts Federation special training


The world is ma…


The world is magnificent, because we will make it that way with our brilliance.

Carol Burbank

from my beloved friend, who, when she receives despairing phone calls, listens and then responds with quotes like this utterly unselfconsciously. And when you hear her voice say it, you know it must be true. Or at least one possible truth.

The most diffi…


The most difficult of all things, the only difficult thing perhaps, is to enfranchise oneself and – even harder – to live in freedom.

Anyone who is in the least free is the enemy of the mob, to be systematically persecuted, tracked down wherever she takes refuge.

I am becoming more and more irritated against this life and the people who refuse to allow any exception to exist and who accept their own slavery and try to impose it on others.

Isabelle Eberhardt, 1902

Isabelle Eberhardt (17 February 1877 – 21 October 1904) was an explorer and writer who lived and travelled extensively in North Africa. For her time she was a liberated individual who rejected conventional European morality in favour of her own path and that of Islam. She died in a flash flood in the desert at the age of 27.