Where Would I Be Without Them?

Welcome to my digital archives of out of print women’s (womyn’s, wimmin’s,) music and spoken word. I am, slowly, using both a turntable and cassette player that record to digital to upload music I love before the technology it exists on is utterly gone.

The work as I post it is listed below. Most of the pages are password protected because I do not own the copyrights to these recordings. Any works I do post here are no longer available for purchase in any format in any place I can find. If artists still have other work available for purchase, I’ll post links.

If you are studying women’s music, or looking for an artist whose work you once had but can no longer find, leave a comment and I will help you access the files or track down the work.

Judy Grahn & Pat Parker, Where Would I Be Without You?, 1976

Meg Christian, Face the Music, 1977

Ferron, Ferron, 1977

Ferron, Backed Up, 1978

Lesbian Concentrate, 1977, uploaded from a recorded cassette copy

Deidre McCalla, Don’t Doubt It, 1985

Dianne Davidson, Breaking ALL the Rules, 1988

Laura Love, Menstrual Hut, 1989

Selected Speeches from Audre Lorde’s Memorial Service, 1/18/1993, NYC

Otter/Karen Escovitz, “Lesbian Jam”


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