Audre Lorde Memorial Service, NYC, 18 January 1993

Here are a few of the speeches given at Audre’s memorial service, so many years ago. Everything I recorded that day is on its way to her archives at Spelman, safely preserved and available for generations to hear.

[Procession with Ase Drumming Circle and Calling of the Orishas, Donna Kate Rushin /audio]

[Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins/audio]

[Jonathan F. A. Rollins/audio]

[Blanche Weisen-Cook/audio]

[Mitsuye Yamada/audio]

[Mitsuye Yamada “Warning”/audio]

[Malkia Cyril/audio]

[Barbara Smith/audio]

[Angela Davis/audio]

[Call, read by Audre Lorde/audio]

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