April 5th – found poem, New York Times

Long Island barrier beach, Monday,
Found poem from New York Times 4/5/2011

remains of three more people
bringing number to eight
[not people but]
missing prostitutes.

Grim December, bodies of four
female prostitutes, a fifth
last Tuesday.

Authorities would not speculate
about the identities;
four, in their 20s, advertised
on Craigslist.

Eyewitnesses, phone records, budget hotels.

Police began last year the search for
Shannan Gilbert, 24, prostitute
who went missing last May.

None of the bodies were hers.

Melanie Englert, 34, driving from work, saw investigators
unloading big cardboard boxes, said “Oh boy, it’s
super shocking.

Brendan Byrne, 36, who lives near, texted
“They’re in our backyard. Literally.”


7 thoughts on “April 5th – found poem, New York Times

  1. Elliott, thank you for this! This draft is so haunting. I’ve read the article and I love how you’ve arranged the information and wording used in the original piece.

    This post inspired me to scour the NY Times and use an article for a found poem. I found one on an aging geisha…so much good material there!

  2. ooh, write it and post it and send me the link, or let me post it here. Trying to do a poem a day in my crazy schedule is tough, and today my job was annoying the crap out of me, so starting with someone else’s text really helped me focus.

  3. Will do! I haven’t been keeping up with writing a poem a day, so kudos to you! I’ve just been writing sporadically which I suppose is better than not writing at all. Thanks again for sharing your poem!

  4. well, it is only day 5. I tend to start slipping late in the week by the 2nd week…

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