Tuesday morning, pre-coffee

1. No, I’m not sharing a suite with boys, or with anyone. Now if only I had keys to the other rooms…

2. Lying down last night, I realized this room is the same size as my sukkah. All metaphors or inferences are now up to you.

3. I brought everything for my coffee bar except a coffee scoop. Standing there, pre-coffee, trying to decide how many pinches of coffee would equal three scoops, my bleary mind fixed on the little half-n-half plastic cups. Yes! They are about the size of a coffee scoop, and even have a little tab to use as a handle. All is well, supplies are secure, no need to call the Coffee Calvary to rescue me.

5. Dai’eynu — it would have been luxury enough to be sleeping in a room that is thoroughly warm, after my drafty house and Fear of PGW Bill life, but here the heat won’t stop, so I got to sleep in a room that was thoroughly warm AND have the window open to let in the crisp January air.

6. Waking up this morning, on a bed for which “cot” is a more accurate name, I remembered that I did, in fact, have plenty of sex in college on just such a “bed.” Was I that much smaller and flexible? Or just hormonal and desperate? Or was it all heterosexual and pretty much limited to the missionary position? College beds are lesbo-phobic, pass the word and start a petition!

Here’s a photo of my command center, where the magic will happen for the next ten days. And of the in-room coffee bar, which will help fuel the magic.

Coffee, shower, breakfast with poets (starts at 8, but in an effort to not be a total geek I won’t be there when the doors open….)where the magic will happen for ten daysin room coffee bar


1 thought on “Tuesday morning, pre-coffee

  1. FYI, I believe the coffee scoops are actually one tablespoon measure…can always use one of those in a pinch, although the creamer cups was a brilliant adaptation, especially pre-coffee. Here’s to being a tool-using mammal!

    And ah, the glamour of the dorm room. A space that size, when open to the sky like a sukkah, feels expansive. When closed in with cinderblock… well maybe not so much. But it seems like you have a cozy cubby in which to work. And if it’s not a comfortable bed for cavorting lesbionicly, well, think of it this way… presumably it’s not what you went there for, but if you need ’em, there are air mattresses in the car *(-;

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