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very rough, via the wonder of Google translate:

The new book of stories of fact, “tame,” was published this week (October 2005) published by the “splendor literature.” The book was published with the support of Arts Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation, Tel Aviv. Photo and cover design: Maple Selma. Edited by Ilan Sheinfeld. The book will be in stores mid-September.

Life in this country are getting worse every day, and we become hardened because we have no choice and must maintain my sanity.
It all started when my name appeared in lights Dizengoff, which was not on Independence Day.
I took a walk with Ofer Dizengoff, do some shopping, and suddenly lights appeared in the sky near the Dizengoff Center.
“I think it’s a UFO,” said Ofer.
“I think it Hb”m,” I told him, “and I want to be real estate.”
I was finished.

“Tame” is a sensual and funny stories, sweeping and surprisingly, called breathlessly.

Aliens harass women in the middle day of shopping on Dizengoff, biting cunts men who survived them vigilantes and women rise to power and lay the Htitn the insurgents – these are some of the characters charming and terrifying fantasy that unfolds here.

“Your pussy biter,” he said.
“Your pussy biter,” he repeated, “and a glass teether we treat like a mean dog, you have to. It’s nothing personal. It’s not because I do not love you. I have nothing against you. I have no problem with you, on the contrary. I think you’re an intelligent woman and smart and nice and pleasant and welcoming, I think your womanly very unusual softness. In fact, if your glass was not a snapper I’d even invite you for a night on the roof. even I already planning how to do it [.. .] You see, there are many features in a woman, a lot of features that are important to me – intelligence and wisdom and humor and ability to listen and soft and flexible thinking, and you have everything, really, even kindness. But what, your pussy biter, and I, my cock needs a warm home. dick I have a glass gets soft and tame and obedient. ”
“What do you say,” I say, depressed.

Chez is telling wisdom, which expresses a unique sound and other modern Hebrew literature.

“Tame” is the third book of Chez. Preceded by a book of poems “crazy dancing” and the novel “The fairies return to Israel,”

Won critical acclaim.

Contact us to participate in the workshop: 03-7313444

Writing workshops (poetry and prose) under the guidance of fact:
Atmosphere of greenhouse space contains and supports, personal meetings, teens, fiction, writing techniques,
Ways around the voices of criticism, the processes of writing.

Poet, writer, performer and workshop facilitator, writing (poetry and prose).
– In 1999 took the book of poems “crazy dancing”.

Some of her poems published in magazines and earned her Ron Adler Prize for poetry.
Reviews on Dance Crazy “a great poet … very intelligent, very gifted, mature, professional, and certainly one of the most impressive Myorsotih of Yona Wallach) Menahem Ben newspaper” Jerusalem, “” London ”
Department of Literature 1999)
Ha’aretz Review – book review Yitzhak Laor 2000 – “great book of poems … even whispers here prisms the skin … the wonderful voice Chez controls large empty bird crying”
1995 and 1996 were two of her plays on stage.
Her short story short story won the women Mediterranean.
– 2001 issued false autobiographical novel “The fairies return to Israel.”
A joint project with guitarist Mirek Fdrnko where she performs songs Barber “crazy dancing”.
Reviews on the disc – “challenging, bold, disturbing, unusual, hard disc, nightmarish, wonderful, of of fact, is a small miracle.” (Friday dead “city” in 2003)
Community darling team for 2004

Black and white portrait photographs were taken by photographer Hanna Sahar, and colored by Yael Schreiber


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