Shez Ha’aretz article

The bypass route: “I am slowly learning to let go”

Writing helped her release the pain and anger and relent. Recognition in God helps her overcome the hurdles of everyday, and understanding to take control of dispels some of the tensions and anxieties that accompany each port of a new book. Shez’s wind stations, a poet, writer and workshop facilitator, writing

“Most of the writing I’ve written all my life – I wrote out of search and distress and the need to take the parts of my world as I saw him and order them new. Maybe give up some, maybe invent some new ones.
Well, except for some of the stories in ‘Maolft’ the process of writing borrowed deep amusement for me and even bursts of laughter rolling and goats, you are most creative writing from a place of need and pain. ”

Healing through writing

“In the past I was very angry and bitter person. Writing, I let a lot of anger, fear and pain, and today I am much more relaxed and soft. Many people find it difficult to connect the writer I am and the person they get to know him.

Only last week I got a call from someone who read my books and really wanted to come to my writing workshop, but was afraid to make contact. It took him two years. At the end of the first phone call he told me he thought me to be a hard and aggressive. I understood him very much, but it also made me laugh.

People often do not realize that I was a gentle and empathetic with a lot you could see the others just because I allow it even before all to myself. On the day I can not allow myself to express all my emotions how can I write to support the workshop participants and therapeutic workshops in which people share my terrible secrets kept in the abdomen, sometimes for decades?

If I’m full of anger, resentment, pain and anxiety – how will I have room to hold these people and help them continue to create? And sometimes go on living ..?”.

I want an apple tree, and the universe sends orange

“This trial of Goliath Cameron Barber through the artist. There is a common phrase -” All to the good. I think he’s Breslov, maybe not. I’m still not sure whether it was all good, because I can not explain a lot of historical and personal events how they happened for the better, but I think it’s quite true.

When I look at my personal life I remember my first years chair of writing workshops, about 12 years ago, accompanied by mixed feelings. On the one hand I was ecstatic with the new experience and the ability to touch people’s lives, on the other hand I felt frustration and bitterness that I can not make a living from writing.

Over the years, the financial need to earn a living – and writing – has become so fulfilling to me and so rewarding, I say: good luck. Lucky I did not need to be a writer who sits all day from eight to two and write. I was going crazy.

Lucky I got the chance to work with people, touch them, improve their quality of life, improve their access to themselves and the world, teach them and learn from them so much. ”

Women empowerment

“In my latest book, far from his absence, I wanted to tell the story of a woman fighting to get free intimate relationship with her father, but as much as I wanted to touch the lives of every person to free himself from a particular beach and should head toward the new shore.

I hope that through my books I share to some extent perhaps underwater currents – conscious design today the empowerment of women in the country. Who would have believed twenty years ago, Yitzhak Laor stand trial? It’s so happy. Or former President. In the past it was madness to think about it. ”

Reading Break

“A lot of people I would recommend doing just stopping to read and listen to themselves. At least in many writing workshops for participants who come when they are flooded with vicious internal censors and phrases like ‘real writer should …’.

Julia Cameron. Breakthrough
Julia Cameron. Breakthrough pcs Czech
Of course each person creates I would recommend, through the artist, Julia Cameron that he was really an amazing book, a breakthrough contradict the soft feminine approach to spiritual and all the guidebooks I had read earlier writers were male, stiff and arrogant. ”

Writing & Weight

“All my life I was dealing with food, and from this and from the independent study I did and I still do myself I folded it in writing, it’s something I do from the age of seven. Thus was born the diet through writing workshops.

I do not know what moment I realized that writing is healing me and helping to process trauma and severe events and to correspond with various parts of Us. I saw people writing workshops open secrets that are opened in the past and important correspondence in and out more in control.

Make such correspondence with the children, some of which is compressed and muted, and once you put this part and soothing voice that often can be controlled better on the food, get some better dialogue between the adult. So you can do some negotiating to divide the adult will not be silenced on the other hand did not take control. The work is fascinating and even exciting.

There’s a spiritual side of trying to change attitudes. Know that change will occur when God’s not my time, and know to ask for help. Know that I make the effort and intent, but know I can ask for help from a deity and people, to know that I plant seeds and the results will come later. ”
Exposure and control

“With every book before he left me I would go for a long period of depression and the great difficulty and stress and anxiety and what will happen to the book, what would be his fate and fear personal exposure and exposure to media, and some school work and if the audit will love it … actually I was trying hard to control.

This time I said it could not get through this nightmare, and let go. I turned to God almost every day and I asked him to help me relax, not take control, release the book in his fate, whatever it was.

Remember that this book is not my whole life and he takes over the whole journey, what few times I forgot about earlier, if so, will interview me or not, if he succeeded or not, God help me really find his place in the book and come to where it needs to. Tsk, tsk, tsk, getting through this period relative sanity. It was never easy and it passed relatively peacefully. ”

Spirituality and I

“The word spirituality mean to me God. After many years when I kicked the concept of God and I approached it suits decided that I was doing serious efforts to believe in him and get close to him, whether he exists or does not exist, simply because I needed.

I guess it was finally when I die I’ll know if it exists or not, and I prefer to spend my life as a believer. So I can breathe.

When I turn to God in prayer, please, in cooperation with I know one thing for sure at the moment and I’m not God. It saved me from so many frustrations and attempts to take control and go mad and disappointed. There is a prayer book that says’ one in many thoughts and advice of the Lord is to be established.

This law follows me every day, every time I feel that small irregularities, like the train did not arrive in time or that students do not attend the workshops, threatening to disrupt the peace of mind.

Slowly, over the years, I’m learning to let go. Only the existence of God allows me to relax. Of course I do not do these things perfectly. Oh oh, how much work I do, but I’m small but steady pursuit, everyday. “


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