Articles About Shez

In the process of researching Shez, I’ve found these so far. Most are in Hebrew. If you don’t read Hebrew, you can download google translating apps that will translate entire web pages. These are not 100%, but you can get a good idea of the content. At least for prose with more direct syntax – what automatic translators do to poetry is a little frightening.

If you’d like to translate, go hereif you use Firefox or here if you use Google Chrome.


On a French library reference site I found this: Poet, writer, which told me: “Poet, writer. Efrat Yerushalmi marital status, Shez is a contraction of “Shem zman” (temporary name). Lives in Tel-Aviv (in 2010).”

A February, 2011 article in the Israeli daily paper Ha’aretz:“Bypass Route” You can find an even more rough google translation here: Article translated

With her name transliterated as “Shaz,” this article from Haaretz in 2003, about an anthology of erotic stories by Israeli Jewish women: “Afterglow” A different review of the anthology is here: What a wasteland, this wanting

On the GoGay website, a review of her newest nonfiction work, “Away from His Absence,” by Israeli writer Ilan Sheinfeld: Sheinfeld review of Shez original A very rough Google translation is here: Sheinfeld review of Shez translation

From the Israeli Wikipedia: Shez on wikipedia

From the Modern Hebrew Literature website of Ohio State: Ohio State Modern Hebrew

An article in Ha’aretz about her newest book: “A Girl Named Shez” And a review of it on another Israeli web site: “that it will not happen again”

Another mention as Shaz, in an interesting article about Israeli lesbian poet Ella Bat-Tzion by Dr. Adia Mendelson-Maoz, can be found here

A review of “Dance of the Lunatic” when it was first released: “and I kissed you and I bit”

A more obscure reference, in an article about the practice of hiring professional readers in the Israeli publishing industry, from the reader who first “found” Shez’s poems: Searching for the needle


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