and it begins – National Poetry Month (NaPoMo)!

This year I’m going easy on myself, starting with a haiku chase. I’ll write a haiku today, then tomorrow take the last line of today’s and start another.

Y’all are invited to jump in, too! Choose any last line, whether of mine or someone else’s, and write that haiku!

Bluebells and tulips
should never be both in bloom
But still—such beauty


Poetry Wednesday – a new form!

From a writer I met at dinner on Monday night, a form I’ve never seen. She calls it a “haiku chase”—a series of interlocked haiku, with the third line one becoming the first line of the next and the last line of the very last one repeating the very first first line. It’s like a very focused combination of a pantoum and triolet. (On the video I describe it as “like a villanelle.” It was late, it had been a rough night, and who doesn’t confuse one structured form with another from time to time?).

So, for your enjoyment, “Haiku Chase V—Hope” by Maria Barnet: