Danish divers find missing body parts of Swedish journalist

Danish divers find missing body parts of Swedish journalist
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found the head
and the legs in circumstances
disappeared he denies
headless torso washed ashore
headless torso washed ashore
headless, cause of death not determined
head hit by heavy hatch he said hit
by heavy hatch hit by heavy hit by heavy

no fractures to Wall’s skull

body parts, knife and clothes in bag
weighted, weighted down
in bags with bits of metal in Koge Bay

Images of women strangled and decapitated
found images
on computer
in laboratory
he ran
he said not his
not his he said
not his

found poem from Teis Jensen, https://www.reuters.com/article/us-denmark-submarine/danish-divers-find-missing-body-parts-of-swedish-journalist-idUSKBN1CC07E


NaPoWriMo Guest Poet Dane Kuttler 3/30

3/30 April ’14
April 3, 2014 at 9:31am

Young People
(a collaborative poem by me and google)

young people working together
young people reject dairy products
young people interested in electronics
young people today is better than young people before
young people children and the elderly in urban poverty in Ghana
young people’s guide to the orchestra
young people’s heroes
young people having fun on the beach

young people reject urban poverty products
young people guide the heroes on the beach
young people today working in elderly
young people is better together
young people’s elderly heroes
young people’s children having dairy
young people’s orchestra guide to electronics