One more Black man shot down – found poem 07/06/2016

It should be noted that Louisiana is an open carry state, just like Ohio where Rice and Crawford were killed. Possession of a firearm without a permit is permissible under state law, by anyone who is at least 17 years of age legally able to possess a firearm under state and federal law.

It should be noted that noted that noted that

It should be noted that
                                          that unless you are less
                                          than white
Louisiana is an open
                                          that is, unless, unless
                                          you are less, Tamir, and you, John
Louisiana is an open state
permission permissible
by anyone
                                          that is unless, unless
                                          you are less
                                          than white
Louisiana, just like Ohio,
like Ohio, just
                                          unless you are less, unless
                                          you are Black
Louisiana, just like Ohio,
you are legally able
                                          that is unless you are less
to possess
                                          you are Black
                                          it should be noted