“Cicada” Poem Card

Poem Card Series – “Cicada”

Cicada Poem Card


What cannot grow,
whatever restricts—
peel it off.

Even skin must split,
crack open, give way,
when you must force
a way out. Even if it slices,
even if this leaves you raw
and wet.

Look back. How little it was,
your confinement.
How fragile. How empty.
How nothing, now,
without you.

Poem Cards are 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 glossy, double-sided cards, suitable for framing. Cards are $4.00. Orders of 1-3 cards will be shipped in a single envelope, with postage included in the price. For orders of more than three, contact me for bulk pricing and shipping information.

To purchase cards,  use the “contact me” form to tell me which cards you want, how many, and the shipping address. I’ll send you a link to pay via Paypal or Venmo


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