“Bound, I descend” Poem Card

Poem Card Series – “Bound, I descend”

"Bound, I descend" Poem Card

Bound, I descend

Bound to her
I descend,

rappelling, sliding along
ropes anchored

where the earth splits,
body dropping

through damp dark, harnessed
in a calculated risk,

coming to rest
in the crevice of her voice—

Be still, Little One

Poem Cards are 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 glossy, double-sided cards, suitable for framing. Cards are $5.00. Orders of 1-3 cards will be shipped in a single envelope, with postage included in the price. For orders of more than three, contact me for bulk pricing and shipping information.

To purchase cards, use the “donate” button below to send a payment via paypal, then use the “contact me” form to tell me which cards you want, how many, and the shipping address.


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