Crossing a Creek

Crossing a Creek
Martha Courtot

crossing a creek
requires 3 things:

a certain serenity of mind
bare feet,
and a sure trust
that the snake we know
slides silently
just beyond our vision
will choose to ignore
the flesh
that cuts through
its territory
and we will pass through

some people think crossing a creek
is easy,
but I say this—

all crossings are hard,
whether creeks, mountains,
or into other lives

and we must always believe
in the snakes at our feet
just out of our vision

and we must practice believing
we will come through.


2 thoughts on “Crossing a Creek

  1. I am hoping to use “Crossing a Creek” in my first book, “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom.”
    Can you tell me who now holds the rights to Martha’s work, especially to this poem?
    I must get permission to reprint the poem.

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