Tuesday, and after: 2006

Tuesday, and after: 2006

       9/21 “We will bring our enemies to justice
         or justice to our enemies.”

In the thousand-layer bread of lies
that passes as presidential communication
I have only a few moments
to dedicate to obsessing about any single monstrosity.
Still, this one haunts me.
Did The Team mean
to quote Muslim proverb
about Mohammad
and mountain?
If they did mean it,
what did they mean by it?
Provocation? Dare?
Insult? Insulting attempt to communicate?
Careful planning, or quick thumb-through
a worn copy of Bartlett’s Familiar?
Quick, call the Security Analysts.
Call the press—is there still a press to call?—
a wealthy son,
figurehead of a right-wing, fundamentalist movement
may or may not be
sending coded messages
in video-taped speeches.


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