Tuesday, and after: 2002

Tuesday, and after: 2002
       9/12 today they are announcing

Dear everyone,
Please stop emailing links to links to links
of excruciating conjecture about who did what when why and how.
Why be obsessed with conspiracies
when They are so up front
about what They plan to do?
Except, of course, there is this:
       I know, no matter what they say,
       that they did not find the passport of Mohammed Atta
       in the wreckage of the towers,
       that nothing carbon-based in the nose of that plane
       fell unharmed to the ground.
And this:
       I keep looking and looking and looking
       at pictures of the hole
       in the Pentagon, and what no one can tell me is,
       if a large jet liner caused that hole,
       where are the pieces?
       No wings, no pieces of tail?
       No fuselage? Every story about an airline crash
       has a fuselage. Every story
       but this one.


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