NaPoWriMo Guest Dane Kuttler 14/30 Passover, Night 1: and with not those who show up, then with whom?

Passover, Night 1: and with not those who show up, then with whom?

oh and what i didn’t tell you about tonight’s improvised seder,
how i pulled together the ritual foods from the cupboards:

habanero hot sauce
some limp-nearly-dead kale from the bottom of the veggie drawer, revived with salt water
a hardboiled egg with a monster face drawn on it in sharpie
molasses (which looks EXACTLY like date syrup, how have i not seen that before)
half a lemon (we had no oranges)
a half-jar full of the crappy olives she thinks makes martinis taste bad and have been living in the back of the fridge

my box of matzah

how we sat around the table
and I was the only one who knew the words,
but they gamely beat each other with the leftover kale
while I sang Dayenu

and how they asked questions,
questions like a seder was built to answer,
and how we used four different Haggadot,
but somehow stayed on the same page


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