A Few Sunday Love Letters

Dear Toyota,

The traction control on my 2009 Scion XB 5-speed is amazing! Kept me safe all the hilly way home!


Dear Crackle of Birds Feasting Greedily on the Berries on the Tree in Front of the Bookstore Window First Thing in the Morning,

Thanks for your weather forecast, much more accurate than my computer. The reminder to fill my belly and settle in somewhere warm until the storm blows over is deeply appreciated.


Dear Book Lovers Who Braved the Weather, Entered the Store, Pushed Back Your Hoods, and Smiled Broadly Because We Were Still Open,

Because of you I go home happy every day, even holiday rush days with no time to rest or to sit to eat, cranky credit card machines, people needing both wrapping and book advice in the same time slot, B&T software that keeps signing me out, and even the lovely old building’s wooden floor that today installed a splinter under my fingernail. You, and the books, and the staff, are a stunning symbiosis that make me grateful for having accidentally arrived in Philadelphia years ago.


Dear Staff at Toto’s Pizza,

Thanks for coming in to work in the snow so I could get a delicious South Philly Style pizza on my way home from work in the same snow. Walking from the dark and cold and slippery world into your warm and steamy and bright shop was such a gift.


Dear Critters of 6369 McCallum St,

Thanks for curling up with me to watch Star Trek, even though my work day meant your dinners were 2 hours late. I hope the pizza crusts and chin scratches conveyed my apologies and my deep gratitude for your steady affection.



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