“The Lake Rises” – with one of my poems


A wonderful new anthology from Stockport Flats is out now. The Lake Rises: poems to and for our bodies of water explores the complex relationship between humans and water. From the book’s back cover:

Contemporary poets write on, in and through water to examine humans’ responsibility to this endangered resource. These poets calm, quench, transport, cleanse as they protest derogation and mourn drowning. Editors Lisa Wujnovich and Brandi Katherine Herrera achieve a fluid weave of innovative and contemplative poets to usher in climate change. The poems in The Lake Rises: poems to & for our bodies of water reach coast-to-coast, asking readers to drink a diversity of voices that resonate with each other in astounding ways. Some splash. Some sink. Simple narratives and experimental structures become meditative sieves readers can flow through to renew awareness.

My poem “Southern Illinois: Summer 1970” appears in the anthology, along with work from some of my favorite poets: Darla Himeles, Monica Hand, Lynne McEniry, Alicia Ostriker, Jim Spears, Anique Taylor, Lori Wilson, and Lisa Wujnovich. There’s beautiful art, too, on the covers and as part of the poems.

You can order copies through the link above, or drop me a note!



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