So what is the VIDA count and why does it matter?

VIDA is a group devoted to Women in Literary Arts. In 2010, in response to clear evidence of a great lack of women being published and promoted (such as the 2009 Publisher’s Weekly “Best of” list including NO BOOKS BY WOMEN), VIDA decided to do a systematic count. Their first report was issued in 2011, and their second in 2012.

It’s more than dismal out there, and putting out the hard numbers pushed some to reconsider their work and others to dig in their heels, with the all-too familiar whine that “men simply write better books.”

You can report the report yourself at: VIDA: The Count.

Go and learn, young grasshopper. Then go and make it different!


1 thought on “So what is the VIDA count and why does it matter?

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    Ok, women writers! We need to get our work out there! And keep on pushing, so women can be seen as the powerhouses of creativity that we are! If you are a member of the women’s pages and haven’t posted, that’s a place to start. Hint hint…

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