and it begins – National Poetry Month (NaPoMo)!

This year I’m going easy on myself, starting with a haiku chase. I’ll write a haiku today, then tomorrow take the last line of today’s and start another.

Y’all are invited to jump in, too! Choose any last line, whether of mine or someone else’s, and write that haiku!

Bluebells and tulips
should never be both in bloom
But still—such beauty


The first Shez translations have been published!

The Spring 2012 Issue of Trivia went live today, including the first four Shez translations to ever appear in English! I’m so happy! And, when I asked that the Hebrew be included, the editors worked hard to find a way to make that happen. Go read ’em, and stay to take in the other great writing and photography in the issue:

Trivia Spring 2012 Shez translations