NaPoMo Haiku Chase day 2

The founding haiku:

Bluebells and tulips
should never be both in bloom
But still—such beauty

A response from Lisa Wujnovich:

But still—such beauty
the deer jawbone parched in mud,
teeth, even, intact

My response to hers:

teeth, even intact,
ache, throb, clenched after reading
ice melts, white bears, dead

AND we have other first day responses you can use to launch your next haiku in the chase!

But still – such beauty.
Seattle springtime washes
everything in gray.
Dane Kuttler

but still – such beauty
in the deep of new-found grief
shattered love revived
Lynne McEniry

But still–such beauty
A forest of pink petals
Cherry trees in bloom
Debra D’Alessandro


1 thought on “NaPoMo Haiku Chase day 2

  1. Ice melts, white bears, dead.
    we pretend a misty dream;
    Santa’s North Pole cold.

    Lisa Wujnovich

    (Now the hard part, figuring out how to post this.)

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