Poetry Wednesday – “The Kiss” by Anne Sexton

Poetry Wednesday – “The Kiss” by Anne Sexton from the anthology intimate kisses: The Poetry of Sexual Pleasure, edited by Wendy Maltz

1 thought on “Poetry Wednesday – “The Kiss” by Anne Sexton

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem, it was beautiful. Funny thing – I was just discussing the topic of “The Kiss” with a girl friend this week – she is 52 and has never been in a serious long term relationship and would love to be in one. She is deaf and has always struggled with this. She recently bought a dog and I was comparing a dog’s kiss to a man’s kiss for her amusement. I wrote her:

    A good kiss (from a man) will set your world on fire… each time you remember it…(all I have to do is think of a good kiss and my pulse races, I can’t breath the same, my heart and passion soars…even after all these years AND all of the intense pain he has caused me…)


    A good kiss (from a dog) will make you glad you don’t have to brush your teeth to get it, shower to get it, be pretty to get it, cook a good dinner to get it, or clean the house at all… you don’t even have to be all that nice of a person to get it…

    A kiss from a dog will make you glad you don’t have to be skinny, or witty, or attractive, or young, or ANYTHING at all to get it… they kiss you simply because they love you SO unconditionally and SO completely that they can’t help themselves… It’s a fact – they do not even have a choice – they feel – “I love you and I MUST kiss you – right now – and every chance I get…until the day I die”

    Wish every woman could find a man as kind, understanding, accepting, and just as love struck as a dog…

    Go dogs – you win!

    Learn something men!!!!

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