On Casey Anthony and Incest Statistics

On Casey Anthony and Incest Statistics

Look, I don’t know what happened in Florida years ago. A child is dead. I wish for her sake that the death was a painless accident, one with no fear, violence, terror. I am not being callous when I say that so many many children are dead, ones the press never describes as pretty, beautiful, precious, cute, tragic — ones the press never describes at all, like all the Pakistani and Afghani children killed by drones which are, by definition, heartless, soul-less, premeditated murders.

I do know this: while most everyone I know claims to “know” the statistics about rates of incest, “know” that men rape and terrorize and murder children every single damn day, when any one woman stands and says, “This happened to me” she is immediately disbelieved. As if “those children” child rape happens to are aliens, out there, somewhere. As if the adults who rape children are even more alien, evil outsiders, half mythological boogeymen.

Since none of us know what happened, how has the press created a narrative so strong that hundreds of thousands of people are ready to lynch this woman? The 13 people that did get to see and hear what exists of the evidence said, quickly, that it was not enough to prove anything.

Since none of us know what happened, let’s try on a different narrative, one that all kinds of official FBI statistics and years of sociological and therapeutic studies say could be true. Casey Anthony, as a girl, was raped, humiliated, and terrorized by a father obsessed with controlling everything about her. Her brother was, on occasion, part of this abuse. She therefore grew up in a web of fear and lies, probably with a high level of dissociation, one that would allow her to live through hell at night and get up and go to school as if life were normal in the morning. Both the lying and the dissociation became habitual, such that even Casey’s closest friends had no idea what was true. When Casey became pregnant, she at first “didn’t know” for many months, and then never told a consistent story about who the father was. With no real life skills, and under her father’s obsessive control, she continued to stay intertwined with her family, ensuring the lying and dissociation remained uninterruptable. She was, her friends report, an extremely loving and attentive mother. But then again, her friends were also always being lied to about basic details of her life.

Then, at her parents’ house with her mother gone, something happened, which resulted in her father saying that Caylee was dead and that they would have to cover up the death. How did Caylee die? Casey reported that her father reported the girl had drowned. If so, why not call an ambulance, call the police, report the horrible accident?

Exactly. Without really knowing what happened, let’s suppose, as we’re supposing all of this, that Caylee died the way plenty of girls have died, while being orally raped by an adult male. (Sorry if even reading that upsets you, but reality is reality and it ain’t pretty or easy or nice.) Or maybe she died some other way under this man’s hands – since the body was missing for so long, we may never know. We do know that the body, when found, had been treated the exact same way Daddy George buried family pets, mouth and feet duct taped and the body then wrapped in a blanket. And we do know that Casey pretty much lost her mind at that point, descending in a dark fantasy world where the child had never existed, then, pulled out of that world, into a pathetic, amateur web of lies.

(Here’s where I can’t agree with the press conclusion that’s she a classic sociopath – she just doesn’t seem that smart or calculating. Latina nanny is right up there with Susan Smith’s black car jacker. And need I remind you that Susan Smith’s daddy started raping her as a young teen and continued into her 20’s?)

Why did the story of the incest, her father’s “discovery” of Caylee’s body, the cover-up, only come out at trial? One proven theory – that, after three years in jail away from her family, Casey finally had enough distance from the terror to begin to move out of the lying and dissociative breaks. One theory, but it’s been true plenty of times in the history of incarceration, including folks who finally get sober, finally are safe from some kinds of violence (and victim to others in the horror that is our prison system), finally stop running and begin to have their lives catch up to them.

I’m not asking you to take this as truth, or to take it whole-cloth. I’m only asking that you hold this story up to the story the press has been telling, and measure for yourself the gaps, the unlikely moments, the prejudices, of each. I’m very clear about my prejudices and assumptions here, as an incest survivor myself. My great-uncle would sometimes call me by his daughter’s name, making me wonder if Daddy George knew the difference between Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony. I know that incest survivors, as young adults, often drink, sleep around, take stupid risks, and get into to awful situations way over their heads, and that this is a pattern started by the abuse.

Who in the press will be so honest about the assumptions driving THEIR version?


13 thoughts on “On Casey Anthony and Incest Statistics

  1. Well damn. Thank you for that really wonderfully worded and thought out post. Honestly I haven’t been keeping track of this case except in my periphery, but I’m really touched by your words and especially the fact that we’re so intent on separating ourselves from the reality of what those statistics really mean.

  2. Thank you for this. I was telling someone earlier today that I couldn’t be certain she was guilty because her behavior was similar to what I know of people who had been sexually abused by their family.

  3. I only became aware of this case recently but immediately the difference struck me between public sentiment for Caylee (“that poor, beautiful, innocent child!”) and public sentiment for Casey (“that lying whore murderess!”). I wanted to say to people, don’t you realize that “lying whore murderess” was once a “poor beautiful innocent child” too, that someone hurt? Have some compassion FFS.” Not to mention the fact that men who abuse one child are very likely to abuse another when they get the chance. How can people be so unaware of that pattern in 2011?

    You’ve done a great job saying all that here, so thanks!

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  5. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary into a very difficult area for many of us.

  6. Not a story I knew anything about until this 4th of July weekend which I spent in the Berkshires, where I listened to two men (one in a mom and pop grocery, one in a bar) who were outraged that Casey wasn’t getting the death penalty.
    “That lying whore murderess” expresses their tone toward her. The tiny bit I learned bout the case certainly made me wonder about Casey’s father. Your scenario, Elliott, as well as your reminder that we ourselves kill poor innocent children with our tax money every day, sounded entirely plausible to me. I honor your rage and your eloquence, and I think about Blake’s line in the poem “To the Accuser who is the God of This World:” “Every harlot was a virgin once….” written because the streets of London were full of young whores, many of whom are likely to have been abuse victims–as well as victims of poverty.

  7. Thank you for this piece, beautifully written.

    I am always highly suspicious when the press start chanting “burn the witch”, and this case – although I did not follow it that closely – seemed to have no evidence against Casey.

    The odds are that Casey’s father killed her during a CSA rape. A much more likely scenario than any other put forward.

  8. Yes, including that the man who found the child’s remains seems to have known where they were for quite some time before reporting his find. That’s deeply suspicious.

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  10. Fantastic article! There is a growing movement of bloggers who believe Casey’s claims about incest and sexual abuse by her father & brother. We are joining our voices together to further bring awareness to incest, sexual abuse, and the corruption that was the Casey Anthony prosecution and trial. Please join us!

    My friends at the JB Mission & Cat Out Loud also work tirelessly on this topic daily.

  11. Oh, I’m so glad to know there is at least some small organized resistance. The amount of sheer, hateful, willful ignorance about incest still astounds me.

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