Translation Revision – Shez’ “The Excuse of Literature”

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With input from poet and translator Ruth Artman-Breindler, with whom I might be working, a deep revision of my first attempt. I have to go back and re-do the learning I once did about verb forms, because I mistranslated as first person what was actually “to me” in second person. So the true sense of the poem is much more like this:

The Excuse of Literature
Shez, translated by Elliott batTzedek

On the day of judgment for fathers who rape,
you will not say a word
you will sit, mouth shut,
in this place where girls are allowed
to weep from the horror

But until that day of judgment, you go on silencing me
while smiling politely,
refusing to allow my words to be printed
in my hometown
behind the lie of their literary value


2 thoughts on “Translation Revision – Shez’ “The Excuse of Literature”

  1. Dear Bat Tzedek,שלום בת צדק

    I read your entry today, and would like to congratulate you. This IS the poem you had in mind.

    Please get in touch with me if you are still interested in translation. I am sure we can work out something…even for part of your work.

    Ruthie Artman-Breindler

    רותי ארטמן-בריינדלר

  2. Dear Bat tzesek

    I would love to read more poems and as a gift to you I would love to review another poem you wrote in Hebrew n

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