April 30 – If you sit in the woods

If you sit in the woods

If you sit in the woods long enough
nothing happens

just the earth’s breath climbing and descending
the tree trunks copper-green in morning light

just your own body warming this spot of earth
your own heart beating

And you begin, like all creatures,
to repeat yourself—

the same ragged thoughts rasping
over and over,

the same yearnings rising like the tails
of startled squirrels


2 thoughts on “April 30 – If you sit in the woods

  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to track down a book that had this poem in it, in both English and Hebrew. Your site was the only result I found of it online. Where and when did it come from? Is there a specific author? Is there any other information that would be helpful? It’s beautiful, as were many of the other poems from the book, so I’d like to find it.
    Thank you!

  2. Caley – wow, I so wish I had an answer. I found it written out by hand in an old notebook. I looked for it everywhere online, knowing how I like to copy poems into my journals, but could find no trace of it, so began to wonder if I’d actually written it without remembering. At least your post answers that question! Do you remember anything else about the book? If I copied the poem out I must have a copy somewhere. Do you remember any other poems from it?

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