Amazon in the land of oranges—Joan Larkin

Some Unsaid Things
Joan Larkin, Amazon Poetry, 1975

I was not going to say
how you lay with me

nor where your hands went
& left their light impressions

nor whose face was white
as a splash of moonlight

nor who spilled the wine
nor whose blood stained the sheet

nor which one of us wept
to set the dark bed rocking

nor what you took me for
nor what I took you for

nor how your fingertips
in me were roots

light roots torn leaves put down—
nor what you tore from me

nor what confusion came
of our twin names

nor will I say whose body
opened, sucked, whispered

like the ocean, unbalancing
what had seemed a safe position


2 thoughts on “Amazon in the land of oranges—Joan Larkin

  1. I am working on how my engagement with this poem grows over a period of 7 days right now!! (mary oliver notion) I chose this poem particularly because it interests me and got all excited to see it posted here. 🙂 thank you!

  2. I love the idea of sitting with a poem for days at a time. I also try to memorize some so I can get off the page and feel over and over how they roll in my mouth, how their lines change my breath. I got to study with Joan last spring, which was an amazing experience!

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