especially wild and sweet

from Alice Hoffman’s YA novel Green Angel

My sister, Aurora, could never sit still and pay attention. She chased after frogs, she trailed her prettiest dresses through the mud, she stole apples from our neighbor’s orchard, she laughed so hard whenever her snappy little terrier, Onion, danced on his hind legs, we thought she’d never come to her senses. Aurora didn’t listen to a word my mother said. We all knew she couldn’t stay in one place any longer than moonlight could. Every time she ran through the garden the warblers and sparrows would follow her. Bees would drink the sweat from her skin and never once sting. My mother laughed and said the honey in our hives would taste especially wild and sweet.


1 thought on “especially wild and sweet

  1. Wow. I love that. Just beautiful. I love YA fiction. I’ll look that one up!

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