Poem a day #16 This Great Upheaval of During

This Great Upheaval of During*

during the season of my discontent
during the spring of blue rain
during the summer between corn and husk
during the gale force affair

during the winter spent whetting knives
during the borderline prime
during the fortnight I could do no wrong
during the parable of mine

during the tunnel between dusk and dawn
during the strangling want
during the recoil to a New England mill
during the urge to declaim

during remorse like a slap to the head
during rue like a prayer
during regret, lesion and balm
during resolve like a sieve

during the pain
during the game
during the maim
during the bane
during the feign
during the dame


*Title is a line from the article “The Estrogen Dilemma”
by Cynthia Gorney


1 thought on “Poem a day #16 This Great Upheaval of During

  1. It sings, which I like.
    but it’s hard for me to get past the strong feeling of “then what”?… a pull to a story that is implied but not told.

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