Poem a day #12 Middle


Is the no-regrets choice:
not too big for something
you might not like
not too small if what is new
is very good.

Is stable:
not the risk-taking
of the secure first child, not
the attention-seeking
of the clinging youngest.

Is reliable:
won’t be the first,
won’t be the last,
will just keep on keepin’ on

Is predictable:
always –er,
never –est

Grew up invisible in a culture
where fries and cokes
came only in small or large.

But now Middle
has Starbucks.

Now Middle
can strut her stuff.

Grandé is a favorite size
Grandé is a heart’s delight

Grandé goes to clubs
that don’t open till 11
dressed so fine that
-er is on no one’s mind.

Grandé always thought
that tall was small.

And Grandé knows
that no one knows
what Venti means,


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