Poem a day #8 A Few Additional Footnotes on 9/11

(not a 9/11 footnote – where is poem 7? Written, but not ready for public notice)

A Few Additional Footnotes on 9/11


636,073 superb, with tall and wonderful spires,
Rich, hemm’d thick all around with sailships and steamships—an island sixteen miles long, solid-founded,
Numberless crowded streets—high growths of iron, slender, strong, light, splendidly uprising toward clear skies;
Whitman “Manahatta”


636,074 Instead, much of the evidence of the lives of World Trade Center victims is spread into thousands of tiny pieces, piled up in a landfill or buried under the streets of lower Manhattan.
Dana Chivvis AOLNews.com 4/5/2010


636,075 The beautiful city, the city of hurried and sparkling waters! the city of spires and masts!
The city nested in bays! my city!
The city of such women, I am mad to be with them! I will return after death to be with them!
The city of such young men, I swear I cannot live happy, without I often go talk, walk, eat, drink, sleep, with them!
Whitman “Manahatta”


636,076 All people are chosen. All land is holy.
Alan Senauke


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