I had a lot of time to think yesterday, about the break up of a political group, and the ongoing painful dissolution of an intimate working relationship. And bees — I spent a lot of time thinking about bees.

Colonies Elliott batTzedek It is not that we can not work together. It’s that we work as bee colonies. Individuals, droning in shared purpose, pausing in doorways, dancing to give such divinely complicated directions to the pollen that comes and goes so quickly. And the queen bee? Ah—the queen bee. Well. The colony keeps her undercover, everything delivered to support her single task— making more of us and more. There are always more and always at some point other queens arise and we divide, we divide, and some stay and some follow to a new field. This is a beginning, always beginning, a fresh start in an old world. This is birth, survival at the most fundamental level— resources stretched too far can not suffice. And, too crowded, we do sting one another more or less accidentally. So we go off carrying all we’ve learned carrying shared genes, shared dreams and remembering how to make honey how to make honey how to make more of us and feed each other honey.


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