Monday evening

So I could have been in an optional workshop now, and I did plan to go, but I needed quiet, needed to check in with the world via some online news, and to just be in my own space.

The world rewarded my sloth with a visit from a herd of deer, first two, then another, then another, then another, then another, right outside my window. I wish had a picture of the deer staring as a group of runners plodded past, but dark was coming on, and using a flash produces what might be art but is definitely not representation.

Now, off to dinner, then a short cello recital by the intern who is helping our program and also happens to be a wonderful musician and composer. Then a poetry reading. Then a reception. Then back to the dorm to study the poems for tomorrow morning’s workshop. And so it goes.2-deera 3rda 4tha 5tha 6th


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