Saturday morning

No time to spare for days, spent my only free half-hour texting new ideas for protest chants to my companeras in PJJP. (From the river, to the sea/none are free til all are free; Never Again, Never Again/must mean both Jews and Palestinians).

I’ll have time tomorrow morning, will catch up, do fill in. Or sleep, since I’m down to less than 6 hours a night so I can go to everything here and do the writing and reading daily homework.

In the meantime, look to the right for the poem 5-ARD. I’m taking it to workshop right now. Yesterday we had to write a poem beginning with the line: “In my walled in space I have let everything grow with wild abandon.” I started by trying to write about Palestine, the “walled in” taking me there, but couldn’t let myself sink into that with only 15 minutes to write. So this poem began appearing. What’s posted here about 8 drafts later, with plenty still to go.

And Palestine — more than 700 dead in Gaza, 250+ of those children, and 5 of them Israeli soldiers shot in the back by an IDF tank. “Unintentional casualties” one and all.


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