I’m Here!

Monday January 5, 2:05, have navigated 2 hours of NE corridor traffic, hoo-hah about necessary vaccines, a warm welcoming committee, and a 3rd floor dorm room possessing no elevator but warmed to semi-tropical heat zone temperatures. From the names on the doors, it may be that the res life folks have put me in a suite with the guys, all sharing one bathroom. Hmmmm, I’ll let you know how THAT goes. Having just unpacked a lot of stuff, moving would be annoying.

But who cares??? I AM AT POET SCHOOL! I have way too much stuff with me! But again, WHO CARES, I AM AT POET SCHOOL!

Ok, gotta put a few more things away and then go back and force myself to be social, which is hardly my strong suit. Guess I’ll leave all the clothes in the suitcase, just in case I have to wheel it down a hall or some such. But if I do — WHO CARES, I (you can finish that yourself)


1 thought on “I’m Here!

    WOO HOO!

    funny re: the housing assignment…

    Could be an opportunity for an anthropological study of a different province of Boyland than I experienced…

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