I’ve been writing occasional pieces of liturgy for many years, but this spring it’s become a serious study for me. In my MFA program, I’ve been working with Alicia Ostriker, and reading both liturgical theory and many different kinds of liturgy and poets with a spiritual/liturgical bent.

In this section you’ll find pieces I’ve created for specific parts of the Jewish prayer service, as well as prayer poems I’m creating for my feminist, non-Zionist havurah, Fringes. I’m more than happy to share any of these with other communities; if you’d like to use something, let me know and I’ll send you a clean copy, since the Hebrew fonts are usually small and hard to read on WordPress.

For Fringes, we create a new service each month, usually around themes, each filled one filled with wonderful poems and songs from a wide variety of writers. You can read more about Fringes, and see our past services, here: Fringes


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