2019 November 1/30

the mind a galaxy the life a cell

I am not equal to my longing what I feel
in spite of my life slapped down silenced strangled
by my life how to reach

inside a silo a yaw a root from earth to
something tall for which the prairie had
no name a hungering for

an eating

a swallowing I knew I could do
like swords or flames but

for what my throat yearned my mouth
knew no taste, my nose no smell, my skin
no possible my heart

my heart had no limits but my life
had no language beyond
the every day the every night the don’t you dare the little
ladies don’t do that the  just who do you think you are the
thousand pound chairs of don’t ever tell you’d better not ever
what kind of world creates a child on fire
then beats her for burning

this hugeness that I wanted I learned better than
to want I learned better than to want
to want

and yet



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