NaNo(inPo)WriMo #16 Holy, Holy

16. Holy Holy

Holy, the tree, cradle
of birds, demarcation of
the edge of sky.

Holy, the squirrel, bundle
of fluff, attitude, limbs
and limber, eyes agape.

Holy, the dove, its
own weight, wings, body
solid holy, not ghost

holy. Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty,
Almighty, alrighty, great big

Holy trinity, but not
more holy than the
tree. Does that distant

Daddy God have roots
to hold the earth
in place? Sap to

Rise singing in spring?
No old man controls
the curtains the winds

do part. The tides
that slide under even
these plains. The coyote

outsmarting the hunter. The
man whose time has
come, beating the clock.


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