NaNo(inPo)WriMo #10 Thrall

10. Thrall

Termite           the cat that used
a bull for games           Termite
was her name.

Every Sunday she had oysters for dinner.
Every morning she had cream.

She went out enthralled in pleasure           who on a farm
gets to do that?

Termite the cat, terror of children
and terriers alike, hunter of hound dogs,
stalker of shepherds, marauder of all
of Shakerag’s mutts.

Her kittens, conceived in plain sight on the porch,
popped out placenta covered on this seat. No one
drove the trucks for two weeks

until she drug them to the hayloft to begin
to learn to hunt.

Wild spitting devils those kittens, farmed
out to other barns, never once in their lives forced

to trade false affection for food.


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