Found poem: CHARLESTON, W.Va. 1/20/2014

Found Poem: CHARLESTON, W.Va. 1/20/2014
from an article in the Charleston Gazette

“It’s your decision:” the water is safe as long as it

“If you do not feel comfortable

lack of much data
hard to be sure

Tomblin said he did not know

Tomblin said, “I’m not aware that we did.”

The exception: an advisory flushing
guidance pregnant women drink

A prepared statement: this was the first time that West Virginia American
      had heard about the recommendation
A prepared statement: recommendation would not have changed the company

Tomblin said he did not know

Recommendation: “be under the health protective threshold for an indefinite amount of time”

officials have provided few details
whether only or also

10 parts per billion vs.
1 part per billion

Advisory warning pregnant women to drink

The governor said, “I’m not a scientist”

Tomblin said his administration would be looking at all possible
responses, including possibly

Tomblin said, “It’s a very complex issue. I’m not a scientist.”

“All of this stuff is coming out,” Tomblin said.

Tomblin said, “Right now there are recommendations.”

Tomblin blaming the flu or anxiety

Professor: “I also believe several statements are confusing the concept.”

Are there known risks associated with this chemical mixing with household cleaners?
There are no known risks

Tomblin said he did not know

Tomblin said, “I’m not aware”

Tomblin said, “I’m not a scientist”


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