Tiny little review of my Shez translation in the journal “Two Lines”

Every review counts, especially on a web site about international literature. Mai Schwartz found this for me, on the site for “Three Percent”:

The new issue of Two Lines, entitled “Passageways,” has just been released. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome anthology, and includes great pieces by authors like Quim Monzó and Naja Marie Aidt. There’s also a poem by Shez that is particularly touching.

Ok, so it is very small. But it is the first review in English of one of Shez’s poems in translation. And that ain’t nothing to sneeze at!

Find it yourself here.


Catching Up on Big News Events!

I’ve not been blogging much since starting a new job, so all kinds of things have been happening. Here’s the first Big News of the fall:

I was awarded a Leeway Art and Change Grant for my work translating Shez’s poetry! Yeah!

The $2500 I received will go towards funding my retreat at the Vermont Studio Center next summer. Combined with the scholarship I received from them, I’m nearly on track to both go and cover some of my life expenses while I’m on leave from work.

Again, YEAH!!!!!

To find out more about this award, and about Leeway in General, read this