on making a manuscript

Here’s a great post from my friend and co-student Michelle Ovalle on creating her manuscript. She’s inspired me to try to describe what I’ve been up to, so look for a new post on that soon. Right now, I’m still recovering from the process and waiting to hear back from my mentor so I can send the manuscript to my second reader.

More opinions that one can shake a stick at, and a big part of the MFA process is learning how to build and trust your own opinion….


The world is always burning

yeah, this is how poetry is written…

The Law
Gerald Stern in Everything is Burning, 2005

The world is always burning, you should fly
from the burning if you can, and you should hold
your head oh either above or below the dust
and you should be careful in the blocks of Bowery
below or above the Broome that always is changing
from one kind of drunkenness to another
for that is the law of suffering, and you know it.